For a third year I entertained another full house at the Royal Oak, Holten Le Clay in Grimsby. The venue is very welcoming and the food is simply out of this world!

I worked the tables between meals and after producing a full pint from nowhere it wasn’t long before their was a real buzz about the room. One of the ladies on the first table I approached asked me if i could explain what a mentalist was as she’s always wondered what it was. So I asked her a few select questions and was able to predict who she would be thinking of before she even knew. Safe to say she knows what the term mentalist is now and was blown away by what i told her.

It wasn’t long before i approached a table in the far corner of the room, it looked like the ladies and gentlemen on the table would be quite quiet. But I was wrong! As per usual though I always end up with the last laugh! I stole his mobile and then his watch and the two tables that saw everything couldn’t stop laughing.

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