September 23rd 2017 I arrived at the beautiful Elsham Hall and couldn’t wait to catch up with Laura & David. So I sat them both down at a table and performed some close up magic like nothing they’ve ever seen before. Like me they love to laugh so I made sure the photographer knew exactly what to look for to capture these natural moments of laughter.

Once the guests had filtered back into the room I was let loose and immediately went on to WOW their guests. I don’t look like a Magician, in fact its not until I start making people laugh and groups gather round that people realise that I am a Magician. They don’t even know I’m a Pickpocket until its too late 😉

Here’s a few words from Mrs Brain,

“We booked James well in advance and were so excited and decided to keep it a secret from our guests. And boy, was it worth it!! Their faces and the images that were captured were truly amazing and memorable. They tell a story which is what we loved so much about it. He was so capturing throughout the whole of the evening and the guests were fascinated by him! It was really lovely that James took us aside and made time for us alone, before he was let loose on the other guests. My mum in particular said she wasn’t a fan of magicians but even admitted after meeting James she was converted and followed him around all evening! James felt like a friend at our wedding, and not just an entertainer. He fitted in with our guests perfectly and was spoken about many months after our wedding. Family members tried booking him so I’d definitely recommend getting in their early! A truly worthy guest and entertainer.”

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