I was performing magic to the guests at a wedding last year at Hemswell Court, Jess saw me and was left speechless. She then told the rest of the staff what she’d seen and later in the evening she caught up with me. I explained that I also perform on stage and she asked if I’d be willing to perform my show for them for their Christmas Party. 

Fast forward 3 months and I was at Hemswell Court performing to all the staff and created a night that they wont forget. Especially Julie’s two son’s who just love magic, so when I invited them on stage their minds were truly blown.

Plenty of laughs and I ensure the whole room is engaged with mind blowing magic from start to finish. I even demonstrate how pickpockets steal your personal belongings right from under your nose! Oliver Twist style, but I’m more like the Artful-Dodger! 

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