When Helen asked me to be part of an extremely glamorous 90th birthday party I jumped at the chance. Helen is an amazing wedding planner. But I’ll be honest it doesn’t matter how big or small the event Helen always ensures everyone has  a night to remember. 

Helen asked for me to entertain Audrey’s guests during the arrival drinks and then work around the tables whilst food was being served.

The moment the guests arrived there was a flash of fire and then a pack of cards appeared but it wasn’t just any pack of cards. It was the one which Audrey’s thought of card was the only one placed inside the deck the wrong way round!

There was also a beautiful moment at her table where her son and her closest friends had hold of Audrey’s hand only for them to lift the coin to reveal it was completely bent! It’s amazing what the power of a persons mind can do.

A few kind words from Helen Davies

“James Kirman is awesomeness personified. He  brings so much more than a sprinkling of magic to an event. When it comes to entertainment and amusement, he’s a Jedi Master! I was delighted to  introduce him to Audrey and all of the guests attending her surprise 90th birthday celebration. They absolutely LOVED him!

Helen is truly amazing at what she does and a must for any wedding!

Drop her a message and see how she can make your event truly unforgettable. 



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